How do I cancel Turkish Airlines?

Opting for the cancellation process when dealing with an unusual situation is one of the most unrestrained ways of dealing with the conditions. Thus, in straight words if you’re looking for How do I cancel Turkish Airlines? You were spotted at the right place. Learn about the steps of contacting the assistant or go directly with the cancellation process to make your stressful mind accessible. Continue reading the details as guided below or call the assistant at OTA: +1-800-970-3794 (An instant call).

Methods of contacting the Turkish Airlines agent for cancellation:

The steps for canceling the Turkish Airlines flight ticket are:

Choosing the free-call option:

  • Call instantly to the Turkish Airlines customer service assistant at OTA: +1-800-970-3794 (An instant call).
  • Look for on-call voice prompts. 
  • And dial the number either for cancellation or for How do I talk to a someone at Turkish Airlines and wait?
  • When your call gets directed, talk to someone at Turkish Airlines. 
  • And clear your concerns on the spot.

Selecting the process of live chat:

  • Go to the official site of Turkish Airlines,
  • Tap on the Help Us section, or call the assistant at OTA: +1-800-970-3794 (An instant call).
  • And look for a live chat option.
  • A chatbox will appear. You must write a clear word about your concerns and your booking details.
  • And send the message to the assistant. 
  • Now wait patiently till you get any revert from the assistant.

Hence, this process of How do I talk to a live person at Turkish Airlines through a live chat is the fastest way of communicating your concerns and will help you in dealing with your concerns immediately. 

People also ask questions at Turkish Airlines:

Q1: What is the Turkish Airlines number for canceling the flight ticket?

A1: The Turkish Airlines contact number for canceling the flight ticket is OTA: +1-800-970-3794 (An instant call).

Q2: Can I request for Turkish Airlines refund after cancellation?

A2: Yes, you can request for Turkish Airlines refund after canceling the flight ticket using the official site or the calling number OTA: +1-800-970-3794 (An instant call).

Q3: How much I’ll be refunded if I cancel the flight before 2 hours?

A3: Only 20% of the flight ticket cost will be refunded to your account the same day you made the bookings. Thus, to know more, dial the Turkish Airlines contact number OTA: +1-800-970-3794 (An instant call).

Turkish Airlines cancellation terminologies:

The Turkish Airlines cancellation terms and conditions are as follows:

  • You need to cancel your reservation within 24 hours if having a doubt Does Turkish Airlines allow 24 hour cancellation, as its terms and conditions allow you a free cancellation?
  • A charge of different ranges will be imposed if looked for cancellation after 24 hours.
  • You must use the official site, or the calling feature OTA: +1-800-970-3794 (An instant call) for cancellation.

Step-by-step instructions for Turkish Airlines cancellation: (Official Site)

  • Open the official site of the Turkish Airlines,
  • Go for the My Trips option.
  • Complete the login credentials.
  • Now tap on the cancellation/refund option.
  • And continue with the algorithm of Can you cancel a Turkish airline flight?
  • You can also give a ring at OTA: +1-800-970-3794 (An instant call) for cancellation if you cannot locate any step.
  • End up with the cancellation step by completing the payment section if asked. And done!

Calling process of canceling the Turkish Airlines reservation: OTA: +1-800-970-3794 (An instant call)

  • Using the calling process of canceling the Turkish Airlines reservation is the fastest way of cancellation. 
  • Dial the customer service number mentioned OTA: +1-800-970-3794 (An instant call).
  • And wait till your call gets connected.
  • Once your call is transferred, ask the assistant How do I cancel  Turkish Airlines?
  • Hence, hold on till the assistant acts. 
  • Once it is done, you’ll be notified.


If you are stuck in an uncertain situation and need guidance on How do I cancel Turkish Airlines, then the details mentioned above are precious for you in canceling the flight ticket in minutes. Yes, have a thorough read of the details mentioned above and either take the assistance of the assistant by dialing the number OTA: +1-800-970-3794 (An instant call) or follow the instructions to cancel your existing bookings.


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