Terms & Conditions

Terms & Condtions

Terms and Condition
It is necessary to read the terms and Conditions while you are accessing our website. It is all about the travel service and you cannot get any kind of single information without registration. When you access, browse or use this site, you have to accept the terms and Conditions without displaying your qualification and another particular talent. This is a valid term that is required to abide by the users, visitors, and others who access or use this kind of website. You must agree to comply with and be bound by these terms that are together with our privacy policy will govern our travel’s relationship with you in connection to this website you are visiting. If you want to disagree with our terms and Conditions, you are not allowed to access our website at anyhow.

It is important to agree to the following terms and Conditions in order to use our website. Our website has a right to block your access to the site in case of any breach, actual or Equivocal of one or more terms and Conditions. Our website also possesses the full rights in order to change/ add or edit any part or whole of Terms and Conditions and also the Privacy Policy at our own will. The end of the users would be notified of these changes and the regular usage of the site that guarantees your agreement to the said changes.

Site and its Contents
You can imagine this site which is only for your personal uses. You are not allowed to distribute exchange, modify, sell and also you cannot copy anything from this website like text, images, audio, and video, for any kind of business, commercial, or public objectives. You are only allowed to serve your purpose but before that, you have to enter the personal details that help us to secure our data and website altogether for a long time. Our website grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to enter watch and use the site in the same manner.
If you want to access a certain area of our website that you are using may only be available to registered members. Therefore, hereby notified, that to become a registered member, you may be required to answer the certain questions showing on the list. You have to fill in everything in the form showing on the screen. All the answers to such questions are mandatory and optional and with this help, you enter the complete information you supply to us, about yourself, and others that should be true and accurate in all respects. In order to register our website, you need to comply with the terms and Conditions and give the answer accordingly as stated down. All the information that you provide us while registering on the site should not be false or bogus.
  • You are there to enter your correct email address in order to create your unique log-in name and password.
  • You are there to access the restricted area only through your unique email address and password that would be maintained confidentially of the same.
  • You are there not to gain or assist any third-party person in gaining unauthorized access to restricted areas which you are entitled to.
  • In case of any security dissolution, suspected misuse of your username or unauthorized access and usage through your unique username, we are here to discover the culprit as soon as possible
  • Ownership
    When you are visiting our website, all the materials are not limited to Audio, Images, Software, icon, text, and so on. All the materials on our website are protected by copyright under international traditional and copyright laws. You are not there to use our content and materials herein on our website. You may agree to follow all instructions on this Site limiting the way you may use the content to fulfil the requirement of the users, visitors, and others.

    There are a number of Copyrights, trademarks, designs rights, patterns, and others property rights in and on the website belong to our personal statement of the website. So, this statement proves that we are not giving you any license to utilize those proprietary logos, services marks, or trademarks.

    User's Material
    You are not allowed to post or transmit any defamatory, pornographic, profane, threatening or unlawful material, libellous, obscene, or any other material that could constitute or encourage conduct that might be considered a criminal offense or give rise to civil, or otherwise violate any law. We directly assume for no liability or responsibility arising from the contents posted on our website of any communication containing defamatory, erroneous, inaccurate, and libellous and so on.
    Transmitted Material
    When it comes to the internet transmissions are never completely private or quite secure. Therefore, you need to understand that any message or information you share to this website might be read or intercepted by others. But we have created our website hassle-free to use and assure you to not disclose the personal information.
    Variation of the Terms
    This website has the right in order to revise these terms at any times and it may perceive it appropriately. So, by using the website, you are there to review all the terms and Conditions on a regular basis to ensure that you understand all the terms are governing the use of the website in many ways.


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